Monologue Jokes

The Facebook company is changing its name to Metaverse. Stockholders asked, “If you wanted to rebrand Facebook, wouldn’t a better name be “TikTok?” 


President Biden met with Pope Francis and bragged that he spent more time with the pontiff than any of his predecessors. Critics said that’s because he needed more time for confession. 


Hunter Biden’s paintings now cost more than a Picasso. That’s great that Hunter is perfecting his artistic talents; he’ll need them when he makes license plates from prison. 


Kim John Un has lost 44 pounds. When asked how he did it, the diminutive dictator said he’s been working out on his Peloton tricycle. 


Prince Charles has revealed that his Aston Martin runs on surplus English white wine and whey from cheese.  His car started running rough, he took it to the shop, and they told him it was a quart low on caviar.